Bad feelings

I study English since the high school. (10 years).
In the last year I put in my agenda change my history about English (looks like with the 90 days to challenge) and the linqg really helps me this this goal.

I really hated English because i didn´t understand. … but i were improving… and improving… and i have stoped to improve in the last 7 months.
but know… I feel a bad feelings. Sometimes I feel I stop to improve and i m wasting my time. Today I can understand news. I hear news on the radio everyday… but i feel a bad thing when i try to talking with someone. I think is a mix to afraid with … i dont know… but every I have said in English is wrong. i do a talk just if the another person wants to talk with me.
I try convinced myself I m wrong, I m improving and be better than yesterday. I just need go ahead with my studies… because English is important for my job, for myself… but i have a little ghost. he has said: “you are a loosing… stop with your study”.
then… I resolve open that to know if I m the chose one feel this bad feelings.
Do you feel that?.. what did you do to go ahead.?.. because I m sad and tired with this situation.

Everything has such a problem because everyone has a big gap between the passive and active vocabulary.
You can read without a difficulty a hard article or listen to the gist of the news, but it’s difficult to start speaking as for speaking we need active words and some courage.
I rercommend you to start speaking with very simple topics like my family, my city, my friends - at first, you can start telling them just for yourself and then with the native speakers.
After you are sure with these topics, you can use more difficult topics, but don’t be in hurry!


Some of us like speaking early (that doesn’t mean their English is any better than yours), for some it takes a while longer. We are all different. If you could turn off your little ghost (or convince it that speaking another language is not dangerous and that you are quite safe), it will be much easier to enjoy what you are doing. Do something little every day and marvel at the fact that you are doing something in another language! How great is that?!