Background buzzing sound on my mp3

Does anyone else have any trouble with background sound on downloaded mp3 files? I can’t get rid of the buzzing sound, and I know that it is nothing wrong with my mp3, because other files work well, it is just the files from linQ.

@prebmo12 - would you send us a link to one of those audio files (lessons) so we can test them on our computers?

Sorry for not replying, I did not notice that I got a reply, as I haven’t been using the forum much. It was some of the lessons from JapaneseLingQ. I’m done with them now, anyways :slight_smile: I’ve been listening to other Portuguese podcasts as well, and they worked perfectly. It might just have been my mp3 player:). I just found it weird.

Thanks for the update! In that case it was probably an issue with the specific audio files, but glad to hear it’s working fine for other audio files from LingQ :slight_smile: