Back to school offer link not working

hey there
the link that showed up with the back to school offer is not working any more
can you provide me with a link to avail that offer ?
thank you

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I posted a link and details to your Profile wall. Please check.

found it
and just confirming that i will get 4 months automatically free with this right ?
because nothing like that was written on the checkout on the checkout

The annual membership price is already discounted 30% by default and costs $107.88. That is a 30% discount compared to the monthly plan which costs $12.99 per month.
With this special offer and an additional 5%, the discount price will drop further to $102.49, which is a total of a 35% discount and that is 4 months less to pay on average compared to a monthly plan.

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I saw this deal and the broken link too. Iā€™d like to take advantage of it and upgrade my monthly subscription to a yearly one.

@jahufford Sure, please check your profile wall.