Award old open requests automatically

There exist some open Exchange requests. It looks some authors are not going to award the persons who have fulfilled their requests.
As an example let’s look at Turkish Exchange page. We can see the open requests created in July 2014 or March 2014. It seems the authors just forgot to award the points.
The same issue can be found in other languages, too.

I would suggest to split the available points automatically between the answers equally. Let’s say if the request is still open during 90 days, it should be closed automatically. It would be great to remind the author in about 60 days about his/her open requests.

Support team and LingQers, what do you think about it?


Hello Ress,
Great suggestion! This is something we will definitely consider.

Hello Kiran,
is there any chance to have it implemented during 2016?

Hi Ress,
The exchange is an area we’ll be looking into once we’ve launched LingQ 4.0
It’s difficult to say exactly when the exchange will be completed.

Have you requested to try out the Beta yet?

Thank you for the reply.
Sorry but I have no chance to spend much time on LingQ at the moment, so I would not try the Beta.

As soon as we have been talking about new features of LingQ, let me put your attention onto the proposal ( of making “pre-Beta” languages: to collect the texts and audio. Let it be without any possibility to create lingqs, without dictionaries, without flags and so on. Just the plain text with title, picture and audio. The same as it is for all the languages but without any support from the LingQ team.
I hope it is not hard to make such option. I am pretty sure no support and headache will be needed to display just a plain text.

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