Avatar lost item

My French avatar had 2 handheld items. I bought a third and lost one of the first items. I know that only two can be displayed at once, but that is not the problem. I cannot access the lost one anymore. Not a HUGE problem, of course, but I thought I’d mention it.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m not sure what would have caused this, but I’ll do a bit of testing here to see what I can figure out… do you know which two items you lost?

I lost one item. I had a tea cup and, I think, a baguette in a bag. I bought the soccer ball and lost the the baguette. (Can’t remember exactly what the item was, but I know both hands were full. I bought the soccer ball to see if I could display three things.)

The soccer ball does occupy the right or left hand position so you can’t display 3 things. Any items that you have previously bought should still be visible on the handheld artifacts tab though. They are distinguished from artifacts that you have not yet purchased by the fact that they do not have the gold border around them. If you click on any of the artifacts that don’t have the gold border, meaning artifacts that you have bought already, you should be given the option to choose either the left or right hand for that artifact.
Are you saying you can no longer see the artifact that you previously bought? Or, are you saying that the artifact you previously bought, is now showing with the gold border and that you must buy it again?

“Or, are you saying that the artifact you previously bought, is now showing with the gold border and that you must buy it again?”

Yes, that’s what I’m saying :slight_smile:

This a very strange issue. We’ve looked into it but can’t see anything abnormal there. Is it possible it was a different artifact? When you try to buy it again does it let you do so and actually take away the coins from you? Could it be you had that artifact for a different language?

Nope, I know I had two handheld artifacts in French, and I think it was a baguette I lost because I remember thinking that maybe it conflicted with the soccer ball because it hung down low.

Anyway, after reading your post, Mark, I re-bought the baguette. The system took my coins, gave me the baguette, AND took away my tea cup. Everything is locked on that page now (except for the baguette and the soccer ball) because I don’t have enough coins to buy anything.

Maybe your avatar was hungry, and literally, he ate this baguette?

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Are you able to click back on your teacup and replace the baguette or soccer ball with it? Can you send me a screenshot of your artifacts page? To support.

C’est possible!

I can’t see the teacup anymore…I emailed you.

Great! I can see my teacup again (and didn’t lose anything else). I have the 3 items I had originally… (minus the 10 coins I spent to buy the baguette twice.) Thanks.

Yes, we figured out the issue! It affected accounts that had had artifacts for a long time like yours, that predated an update we had made. Should be good now!