Avatar Level

My avatar level for Spanish is now Intermediate level 1 because of my known words, is this a hint for me to move onto the intermediate level 1 content?

At this moment in time I do find the beginner material very boring and of course I do admit I do not know every single word as I have about almost 2k known words and about just under 5k words linqed that I will hopefully decrease within time. I do find myself reading the news which I do not know which level that is but find it much more interesting.


A while back, earlier this year, they jerked around with the avatar levels, so I think they mean less than they used to. The idea was to make the levels more “attainable” for people to move up a level for each 90 Days of study. Also, there is no relation to the categorized difficulty level in LingQ and your avatar level, but you could use it as a guide/ballpark estimate.

If you like the news, go with that. I myself loved that. I would pick out 12-20 articles, or about about 10,000 words; put them into a 20-30 page packet in Word, and then dump into LingQ. My favorites areABC, El Pais, and El Mundo from Spanish. I also like the Prensa of Panama (I was considering a trip), El Diario (New York-based Latino Paper). Lately I’ve been reading more Mexican papers to see how they flip out about Trump, and Nuevo Dia from Puerto Rico becuase of the backruptcy and statehood issues being voted on there.

Yeah I seem to find the news so much more interesting that reading some beginner material about some people talking about coffee yes is it all relevant but also very boring to read so I always find myself reading the stuff that has recently been imported into Lingq and I find myself gaining a lot of words from it. I have been reading a lot about Trump as this is interesting with his Plan around building the wall around Mexico that is fun to read and I was reading something about Artificial intelligence took me bloody ages to read but it was interesting never the less!

Just go with whatever interests you, what you read doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy it. As for avatar level it hardly means anything, according to it I am at C1, or Advanced 1 if you prefer, and if I am being honest I am nowhere near that level. It will probably take at least a month or two before I will be able to read even a simple book without lingq. Probably even more. Words count works as a measure your progress, more or less, but I prefer to focus on words of reading and amount of time spent on Lingq in generall.

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