Available to teach English

I posted this in the conversation Forum too but I’m not sure which is the best place to post :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants a conversation, lesson, or writing correction done, I’m a TEFL qualified teacher.
If you would like a group conversation arranged, please message me with the times and I will adjust my calendar so you can book a conversation.

I’m a native English speaker (British, generic English accent) and am available most days!

I really love helping people learn English! I can help with both formal and informal usage, and cater for all levels!

Much love!

hi, i would love your help. Please add my face Redirecting... tks…

Ah, THIS is the place! I, like Elle, posted elsewhere before finding this forum.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nia. I was born and raised in the USA and now I teach English at a university in Mexico. I have CELTA (CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) | Cambridge English) certification and several years of TEFL/TESL experience.

I am available to read and correct your English writing. My busiest days are Wednesdays and Fridays but I have a lot of free time other days. I can read your text quickly and let you know immediately approximately how long it will take me to correct it and complete the report. Of course the shorter the document the faster the turnaround time. Generally for documents of 250 words or less I can complete the work within 24 hours.

Take care! Get in touch with me if you think I can help! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Chris and I would also like to correct English writing on LingQ, however I don’t understand how to make this a reality. In the settings menu I have adjusted my tutor option to say that I can ‘correct writing in’ English, and it states that I will ‘receive e-mails when a member submits writing.’ Yet it has been several days and I have not received anything. As well, I don’t seem to have any tutoring options on my profile for others to utilize, so even if someone wished to submit writing to me, it does not look they would be able to do so.

Can someone here offer any suggestions on what I can do to become a tutor?

Hi Chris, as long as you’ve set your availability as a tutor and/or for correcting written submissions, all you can do is wait for someone to choose you as their tutor/corrector.

The system assumes that we would not choose ourselves as a tutor and so we cannot see our own availability in the respective setting. (At least, that’s how it used to be when I was still tutoring.)

I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. You might want to advertise your services a bit more. Perhaps write something from time to time about it in the forum? Why should people opt for you? What is your speciality/experience? etc etc.

Ok I see how it works now. Thanks for the good advice.