Automatic upload of audio in YT seems not to work

A few days ago I uploaded a yt video and as usual I expected the audio to automatically appear after a while. For some reason it does not. In order to re-flow the text properly I really need the audio.

Did something change to prevent this?

The lesson is called “Nytkö Suomi liittyy Natoon? Tää sun pitää tietää Venäjän toimista Ukrainan rajalla!” in course “Yle Uutiset Rec”.

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We are familiar with the problem, there are other same threads already. Not all videos are imported properly at the moment, we are looking into it.

I am still having the same issue with the brunt of the lessons from the course “Yle Uutiset Rec”. Is there an ETA on the solution?

Yes, we figured this one our and we will push a fix hopefully later today.