Automatic Transcription Websites

Hi all,

I’ve been using various automatic transcription websites to transcribe podcasts of interest with varied levels of success. I’ve noticed Steve recommending HappyScribe in his youtube vidoes, but even with them I’ve noticed some mistakes.

If it’s relevant, I’m learning Spanish.

Does anyone have any services they can recommend?

Thank you!

What websites are you using?

Happyscribe uses speech to text technology, and not real people? This seems overpriced to me. There are a lot of people that would happily transcribe podcasts for €12/hour. Maybe some fiverr type service is available?

You could always convert the podcast to a video, then upload it to youtube, and switch on automatic captions. Usually within an hour they are available. It’s a few extra steps, but it’s free. I do this for anything I can’t find subtitles for.

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The only site I used was the one you mentioned, It worked pretty well with Hebrew. It did have mistakes, but I don’t think any of these websites can offer 100 percent accuracy without a real person manually going through it.

Good tip, thanks.

And yes HappyScribe is automatic and charges about €12 a hour. Seems excessive for error-prone work.

I currently used a service called Sonix, but have tried HappyScribe as well. I am happy for a few errors, but sometimes it can really stop the flow of my reading when the transcript is incorrect.

Yeah, thanks, I’m starting to think the same. Just wondered if anyone had anygreat experiences. It can be quite expensive considering the eventual transcript can have quite a few errors in it but better than nothing I suppose.