Automatic spacing when importing text

I’ve only been using lingq for a few days, so this may just be me not understanding fully how things work, but I’m having some issues when importing text into the website.
Spaces used to delimit each word within the lingq reader are automatically added when importing text, however they sometimes are incorrect and I have to fix things manually.
The issue here is that doing so from within lingq is rather inconvenient, so I tried using an external text editor and adding to lingq a version I was satisfied with.
However spaces are still being edited by lingq when I’m copying text within the “edit lesson” form, I’d like to know if there is a way to completely disable this feature so I can rework text outside of lingq and add it once it is good.



The issue is that when you replace large sections of text, that page will re-split the text. You should be able to edit the text separately and then copy it over in smaller sections saving each time to avoid the resplit. I would think a few paragraphs at a time should be fine. There is no way to turn this off I’m afraid. We are trying to figure out how to make this process better.


Thank you for your reply, that should help !