Automated voice speaking the wrong word

Hi, I posted this on the Russian forum and a couple of people replied that they had experienced a similar problem. It has been suggested that I should post on the Support forum, so that it gets proper attention. So, here goes…
“The automated voice that pronounces words is very helpful but I’ve discovered an anomaly, the word “сразу”. When I make this into a yellow linked word, the automated voice speaks “велосиредом”. I cannot think why that should be. Has anybody else had the same experience? When “сразу” is embedded in a sentence the automated voice pronounces it correctly. The error only seems to occur when the individual word is linked.”
Does Lingq maintain a database of the pronunciation of linked words? Has it got corrupted, somehow?
Regards, Peter

I have noticed the same thing in French, although I have not recorded specific examples. This is new, within the last two months. I also notice words with apostrophises are run together and difficult to include in Lingqs, this is new as well.

Same here, for both. At times, the TTS is so bad that it makes it almost impossible to review words.

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Started to learn German here and the same problem occurs. To be honest it’s very rare but I did observe it 3 or 4 times so far.

I notice it either. It makes some listening tasks impossible when I’m revising flashcards. I hear a wrong word and have no idea what to type in.

It happens a lot when i’m doing the flashcard activities. Swedish, french, Italian, whatever the language, sometimes it shows me a phrase/word, but the audio is completely different.