Automated results emails no longer being received from LingQ

I do not seem to be receiving weekly emails from LingQ re my weekly results and also when I tick the thread box on the Community page I am not subsequently notified of any updates to the thread. Further. I have contacted LingQ by way of email to Support and via the “Need Help” tab at the bottom right of the Community page with no response. I wonder if there is something adrift with my system and would be grateful for some advice.

Hi Villiers,
We did received two emails from you and replied on both. I am not sure why you haven’t received or noticed our replies. Maybe check the spam folder?
Anyway, can you please make sure that you have Weekly Reports and Forum Notifications enabled on the Notifications Settings page: Login - LingQ

Thanks for coming back to me Zoran but this is all a bit bizarre. I can find no trace of your replies and I do inspect my junk folder regularly. All Notifications are in place on the Notifications Settings Page and have always been so as far as I am aware. What else might it be?

Hard to say, I’ve got two emails received from you, on November 21st and 23rd (CET). On both email I replied shortly after I received them.
I also noticed that you did contacted us a few months ago too related to other issues and I asked for some additional informations and you never replied on it, so I am wondering if you ever received any reply from us.
Maybe you can try to add us ( support(at) ) to whitelist in your email.

I wanna post my idea on community but i dont see where is the box to post comment or import the threads. i used to see it before but now it change totally.

Head to the Community page, select “All Forums” on the top, then find appropriate forum, open it and you will see “+New Thread” button on the top left.

many thanks zoran