Auto-scroller: an automatic page scrolling function

I tried searching through the forums and I couldn’t find any mention of this, but perhaps somewhere it might have been mentioned before. I was wondering if an auto-scrolling function could be added to lessons.

Basically, maybe under the play button for the sound file there could be another bar that you could turn on that, as it moves from left to right (ideally in sync with the sound file, so that what’s being spoken is always around the middle of the screen), the page would slowly move from top to bottom. Being able to change the speed at which the page scrolled down, either manually or maybe by selecting speeds that are separated to roughly correspond to beginner/intermediate/advanced levels, would also be nice, since you could use it both to match the auto-scroller’s speed with your own reading speed and as a rough measure of the progression of your reading speed.

Of course, this function would pretty much only be useful after the first time going through a lesson highlighting and unhighlighting words and it would mostly be aimed at longer, most likely intermediate or advanced lessons, so an auto-scrolling function might be more trouble than it’s worth, or at least not a top priority. I think this function would be kind of nice though for reviewing longer lessons, assuming it’s not too hard to add it.

Hi alester,

This definitely sounds like a cool idea. The bad news is that it’s much more work than you think :wink: I recall one of our members developing some special video player that has the goal of doing exactly this…perhaps you can send him a message and ask him: Login - LingQ

Hi Alex,
I had thought it would be great to have this feature, too, but I realize it will be difficult to have it relatively soon…