If I check it or not, I do not see the difference! What is the point? What exactly it is supposed to do?

Play w/ the settings a bit more, and you’ll see.

If Auto-scroll is checked, the text line that contains the current word (which is marked by the little red box and which controls the info on the right) stays in the vertical center of the screen when the L- and R-ARROW keys are used, causing the text screen to move up and down. If it’s not checked, that screen will not automatically center, and the little red box will eventually move off the visible area.

Both settings have their disadvantages, but things become especially unsettling if auto-scroll is checked and the screen is at greater than 100% magnification. Using the UP- and DOWN-ARROW to move the text up and down helps out some.

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Now I see!

At first, I thought it had something to do with the listening… (it wasn’t scrolling down while I was listening…)

Thank you !