Auto saving doesn't work, like it should

In order to save a hint from a dictionary which pops up (for example Urban or Lingvo) I must select the meaning, then drag it into it’s place, then click on free space in this field and then I must click outside the field. Only after I do those steps lingqs are saved. If I simply drag and drop the hint and then go to next blue word, the previous lingqs are gone. There are phrases only. No hints.

I’m working on the 64-bit platform (Chrome, Firefox).

In this case, make sure to press the Enter key after entering your hint. You’ll see a “Saving…” notice appear, and once it disappears you’ll know that your LingQs are saved for sure.

Thanks :slight_smile:

By the way, it would be nice to have this old button, named “Save” because now you must take your hand away from the mouse, click “Enter” and then put it on the mouse again. A lot of moves :slight_smile:

@Gintaras - It looks like these are bugs happening in Firefox. We will get them fixed. The idea is that no matter what you do after entering your hint, the hint should be saved. Dragging the hint into the hint field in Firefox seems to be causing problems. Thanks for letting us know!

It worked OK at first but then this thing happened.

And one more thing. When I highlight a new word manually there are no hints. Even when it’s a simple word. Just one choice - “search Dictionary”.

@Gintaras - What is your dictionary language set to?

English. As a matter of fact, when I click a blue word, there are usually 3 hints. However, when I highlight a word which is in my list of “known words” it doesn’t work that way.

@Gintaras - Hmm, I gave this a try but it seemed to display user hints properly for words that I had marked as Known. Can you give me an example of a lesson and word where this is happening for you?

Looks like it works perfect on Chrome. It’s Firefox Nightly what is causing problems :slight_smile:

Ah, ok. So the problem must be in Nightly (which is Firefox’s development version as you know :P). Good to know!