Auto generated subtitles

Not sure if this is part of the Lingq plan, but recently I’ve been encountering a lot of material from youtube, uploaded to lingq with auto generated subtitles.

For French the quality is “ok… doable but not ideal”
For Japanese, the quality is pretty bad

Anyone know of a way to filter out this material?

(If I were really pressed for interesting content, I would take whatever I can get,. But that’s not the case. Why use mediocre scripts when enough good material is available.)

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Please let us know which lessons/courses have auto generated subtitles. Those are often not high quality - feel free to post the lessons here and I will look into it.

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Not sure how you could filter out those that were imported into LingQ. Your best bet is to go find the content yourself in youtube and import it into LingQ. It might take some work, but you should be able to find channels that typically produce their own subtitles.

There is a website that LingQ Eric has recommended in the past (he is learning Japanese too).

There is a youtube search that is supposed to have filtered for videos with “real” subtitles. I don’t know how in depth it is. I’ve tried it with German a handful of times, but what I found best was to create an account specifically for German (or whatever language you are studying). You can create sub accounts from your main account. Anyway, set it up and ONLY view content in your target language there. You’ll start to get hits and suggestions in your target language. I think you may be able to specify as well that you are really looking for Japanese content in the settings somewhere. Anyway, start poking around and finding channels that do just use real subtitles.

Off the top of my head…Tokyo Veg Life channel typically has had real Japanese subtitles.

You can search youtube on a topic and then set the filters to choose CC. Now this will include auto generated as well, but you can poke around looking for those with real subtitles.

nsprung, there used to be a thread that was pinned to the top of the forums with content suggestions and also linked to a spreadsheet where youtube channels and or content was listed that had real subtitles. What happened to that thread and can it be pinned again?

There’s quite a lot I think. but e.g. the lessons in this course: Login - LingQ

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