Auto generated subtitles from Youtube


I have been recently importing the auto generated subtitles from YouTube with Lingq, and I do really enjoy the fact I can read things of interest then download the MP3 version and then listen to the video over and over again but how accurate are the auto generated subtitles? I feel like they are only about 78% correct?

Muito Obrigado


Hi Jack! I’m assuming you’re learning portuguese? I learned Brazilian portuguese to fluency watching youtube videos with the auto generated subs on. I remember I got so excited when I accidently discovered the subtitle button. I had been really struggling to find a method to learn. I posted about it on a language learning facebook page and got attacked by people saying that was dumb, its not 100% perfect etc. Luckly I don’t listen to naysayers. So fast forward 3 years and yesterday I was simulatiosly translating the portuguese church service I attend, into english. I do this every Sunday. I also started teaching english to a classroom full of brazilians. I have to speak portuguese quite a bit because they are beginners. Keep up what you’re doing. If the video has high quality audio, there will be only a few mistakes. Don’t let that stop you. Boa sorte!


ah sim, me gusto meito vendo video de Youtube para aprender portuguese,