Auto generate timestamps from srt


Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to just copy the srt text into the dialog when importing lesson by hand and have it autocreate timestaps from the time info there, and strip them from the lesson text?


That would be great, but isn’t possible for now. We’ll see if we can add that functionality in future.

OK — maybe though immediately you could at least add a bare-bones timestamp hand import functionality.

I see from how the individual lessons pages are formatted that you are storing the text with timestamps roughly in this format:

[00:00:01]Blah blah.[00:00:02]

[00:00:02]Blah blah blah.[00:00:04]


I could easily machine process the srt text before import so it would be in this format. Wouldn’t it be possible at least to have this then entered and on lesson save have it stored verbatim or what have you, so you’d have the timestamps then appear in the lessons?

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I would also like to have this functionality.