Austrian German content

I have imported my own view of the Austrian wine tavern (Ich gehe zum Heurigen)

as part of the collection „Österreich – dies und das” Österreich - dies und das - LingQ Language Library, which also contains:
„Ich fahre nach Wien”
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„Grüß Gott“ und „Guten Tag“
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„Heuriger – ein ostösterreichisches Phänomen“
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So far there is only one part in the collection „Gedanken über Österreich und die Österreicher“, i. e. „Liegst dem Erdteil du inmitten…“

There are two parts in the grammar collection “Reflexionen zur deutschen Grammatik”: „Mir oder mich”

„Ich, meiner, mir, mich – Genitiv oder?

A while ago I translated doo’s blog post about LingQ:
“Ed’s Blog, Squidoo: Wie ich lernte, mich nicht mehr aufzuregen und LingQ zu lieben“

Unfortunately I still don’t grasp how the library is supposed to work. My new content doesn’t show up in the “New Lessons” group and choosing the accent filter ‘Austria’ takes me to ‘Please edit your picks first’. Browsing the full library in order of date doesn’t show my latest addition either. This is what happens in my own account (alleray).

On the other hand, using my wife’s account I was able to get to my content just by using the accent filter ‘Austria’ as well as clicking the ‘New Lessons’. I have now saved all my content with the accent and my choice of level (Intermediate 1 or 2 or Advanced 1). I hope this works for other users too and there is just a problem in my own account.

Reinhard, the Library is set to not show you lessons you have already in your account. Tick the “Show previously selected lessons” box inthe sidebar and you will see your lessons.

Thanks a lot, Mark. The accent filter is a great new feature.

I have just started a new collection in the German section of LingQ. It’s called “Reinhards Hobbys”. and I started it with two texts about gardening. Of course, there’s a lot more to say about hobbies which I pursue or have pursued. I’d be interested in any feedback on the level, Advanced 1 and 2 may be due to some specialist vocabulary (gardening activities, fruits and vegetables), but I tried to keep the sentence structure fairly simple. Enjoy!

I tried importing a ‘Beginner1’ text from Vera’s ‘Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch’ and the system rated it ‘Intermediate 1’ - I have changed the level of ‘Der Garten’ to Intermediate 1 and ‘Das Gartenjahr’ to Intermediate 2 respectively.

Thanks for uploading Austrian German content, Reinhard. I very much enjoy listening to different accents.

Hallo Reinhard,

ich habe das Gefühl, dass die automatische Klassifizierung nicht unbedingt immer so passend ist. Deshalb habe ich für meine Beginner-Sammlung das Level überarbeitet bzw. ich bin noch dabei. Leider muss ich über 600 Lektionen anpassen, um dort “Germany” zu hinterlegen. Das geht nur Zug um Zug.

Ich denke, dass der Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht nur von der Anzahl der unbekannten Wörter abhängt. Entscheidet ist auch, wie komplex die Satzstrukturen sind und wie schnell und wie deutlich gesprochen wird. Daher setze ich das Level nach meinem Gefühl.

Ich freue mich, dass Du auch Spaß am Erstellen von Beiträgen hast.

This time I have started to import a short novel by the German Romantic author Joseph von Eichendorff who lived and worked in Prussia and Austria: Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. The young man, called ‘Good-for-nothing’ by his father, travels to Vienna/Austria, on to Italy and back again in search of the beautiful lady he meets at the outset of his journey… Some of Eichendorff’s poems have been set to music by famous composers and have become popular folk songs.
There will be ten chapters in all. Here is the link to the collection:

I’ve just imported a blog post on the Austrian dream of a “White Christmas”; nothing poetic, though, only a cold wave that has hit most of Europe, but which may soon end due to föhn winds and rain.

Thanks! We’re having a lot of snow at the moment so I might do a similar post (in a day or two…).

The collection is named “Österreich - dies und das” for those who can’t find it via the link (it’s broken, or rather, leading to your own workdesk).

I have just a pleasant visit to Austria thanks to Alleray’s Austrian series. I am a little thirsty and hungry and can almost smell the smoked meat and taste the wine from the neighbouring wine garderns, but I am bundling up for the cold tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will take the train into Vienna. I certainly will not take my car!

Danke Reinhard. Ich höre Dir auch gerne zu :slight_smile:
Der korrekte Link ist: Login - LingQ
Reinhard, wenn Du einen Link angibst, darfst Du den nicht von Deiner Lektionenseite nehmen. Gehe in die Bibliothek und nehme den Link der dort hinter der Lektion steht, sonst funktioniert der Link nicht. Auf der Lektionenseite hast Du einen Link, der nur für Deine Lektionen gilt.

There are two new parts of the collection “Reflexionen zur deutschen Grammatik” (Reflexionen zur deutschen Grammatik - LingQ Language Library) that were inspired by a recent discussion in the forum about the difficulties and “subtleties” of German: pronouns that sound or even look alike and that may cause problems for beginners: sie, sie and Sie, ihr, ihr and Ihr. I hope I’ll get the links right this time :))
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Come to think of it, there are even more pronouns and other words of this type, e.g. ihnen/Ihnen, sein/sein/Sein…

There was no White Christmas after all (around Vienna), but now the snow is back, more of it to come. We have to get used to shoveling it off the sidewalk again. Here are my impressions on how Austrians may react if there’s too much of it:
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Login - LingQ A new one about our “Funny winter” - too warm, too cold, a lot of snow and nobody knows when it will end. Some weather facts about eastern Austria.

This time of the year inspired me to add the “Eisheiligen” to my collection, because its part of Austrian folklore. I’ve added a YouTube video of May 3, the weather forecast for Germany, this year the “Icemen” or “Ice Saints” came rather early :slight_smile:

For some reason I can hear your accent clearer in those than in conversation.

But anyway, nice lessons. I’ll have to look at them closer when I have some more time though.