Austrian culture - greetings

Today I imported a text I have written and recorded about a cultural phenomenon: how do people greet each other in Austria (and probably parts of southern Germany)? It’s called “Grüß Gott und Guten Tag”. I think it might be interesting for people who want to travel to Austria or watch Austrian movies or read Austrian literature.

Great, I will have a look at it as soon as I’ve “finished” my current German items. Is it an Austrian accent?

Hi Reinhard,
I read your article - congratulation, very good! It was interesting for me too and I smiled (I like the dialect!).
It is very good and clear spoken.

The only what I suggest is to bring the word “Unbotmäßigen*” with a little star and on the end an explanation. I understand what is meant but others cannot find it in an dictionary :slight_smile:

Thank you irene,
I have added a footnote:
Unbotmäßig: ungehorsam, ungehörig, aufmüpfig, frech – Engl.: insubordinate, cheeky.
Hi Jeff, it’s not exactly a dialect, but certainly has a regional flavour. Our every-day German is more dialectal, but we cannot hide our accent and rhythm even when we read a written text or it would not sound natural. Radio speakers - at least in the news programmes - speak a “pure” German accent, but you can still distinguish it from German German speakers.
I hope you will enjoy it. Please ask if anything is not clear.


Thanks a lot. You can bet I am going to study this item before I arrive in Vienna. Looking forward to seeing you.


Hi Steve, I do hope to see you in Vienna. I have just found this article from the Austrian paper Die Presse:
which is very hilarious - but its irony is probably hard to understand. It provides extra dimensions to the topic.
Just a brief explanation of the punch line “Everybody here seems to be called Scott”. People often say “Grüß Gott” in an abbreviated form 'ß Gott - hence ‘Scott’, like other people say ‘Tag’ instead of ‘Guten Tag’ :slight_smile:

I am aiming for the 3rd. I will confirm once I know for sure.

Reinhard, I have just tried the link you posted. Really good! I liked that it has sound as well.

I have added another cultural as well as economic Austrian institution to the collection ‘Österreich - dies und das’: a ‘Heuriger’ is a place where farmers are allowed to sell their produce, mainly wine, soft drinks and cold dishes freely, catering to local people but also to tourists. I used a Wikipedia article for this background text, but will add my own point of view in another article soon.
You’ll find the text in the library: Heuriger - ein ostösterreichisches Phänomen

Reinhard, you are giving me Heimweh for Wien! How is it at the moment? I will go and have a look at your texts and probably feel a bit sad that I’m not in Austria anymore!

Hi Kat, I saw your profile story recently - hope you liked it in Vienna. Your photo with the Austrian letterbox - very funny :)) Vienna is just being Vienna as usual, crowded transport, grumpy people, cheery youngsters all over the place now that they are on holiday. The weather has been awful over the last few weeks, a lot of rain, but also very hot on some days. Thank you for commenting!