Australian Avatar Items

Just noticed how we have American, Canadian and English items. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cork-string hat, blue singlet, thongs (the footwear) and such available to dress our avatars in?

Any other suggestions for items guys?

Longneck in the hand?


The longneck sounds very Kiwi.

An Aussie would probably have a stubby in a stubby holder.

The cork-string hat’s not a bad idea though - I reckon it’d look pretty cool.

Yeah! Some vegemite, please!

We’re making notes! We do hope to add new avatar updates in the not too distant future.

This was only tongue in cheek but it would be funny to see this stuff. Would much prefer to see my empty building for Dutch avatar change to some nice examples of Dutch architecture.

Or hangman where you try to save your avatar by guessing vocabulary… There are a lot of fun things that could be done with those little guys!

That’s pretty brutal, Z33Dubyah! haha