Auf english

Hey Kathi, deinCheerleaderprogramm hört sichecht spannend an
Was ist das auf english?

I see you are asking the same translation again and again. I will give it a try!
sichecht should be written in two words:sich echt. echt = really
sich anhören = to be listened to
So, something like: Hi Kathi, your cheerleader programm is really very exciting to listen to

Danke shon

“hört sich spannend an” has nothing to do with actual acoustics. I would translate it as

“Hey Kathi, your cheerleading programme looks really exciting.”

Interesting, Svenreichard! Sich anhören with a non acoustic meaning. Is this idiomatic? Do you have more examples? But should we not have more context to decide?

Not sure. When I read that sentence out of context I take it as referring to a description of the programme, not the programme itself. Independently of the actual medium used, you could say that the description sounds good or looks good.