Audio/Podcasts With Transcripts - Lots of Resources HERE!

Hey Everyone,

Have you heard of Gloss?

It’s a site with a huge library of audio and transcripts in over 20 languages (Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, etc),

Some content is better than others. Most of the audio is a couple minutes taken from a variety of sources (mainly news) which come with PDF files that contain the transcript and translation! Enjoy!

Global Language Online Support System

Heads up - this site isn’t secure…I browsed it, seemed fine for me.

As a bonus, I found a few other websites that offer audio and transcripts:

Dictats en línia

Cantonese (there’s only a few pieces of content but I figured I’d share 'em)
Transcripts » The views and experiences of an Australian learning Cantonese


German (great resource, thanks Juan!)
DEUTSCH LERNEN | DW Deutsch Lernen






Thanks for sharing these resources :slight_smile:

That Gloss site is making my browser throw up a security warning - anyone else manage to get on it (or indeed, anyone else found that it is indeed infested with computer cooties)?

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Yes, forgot to mention - the site isn’t secure…so it may not work for Mac users :frowning: I’ll add a warning at the top. I went through the site, so far, nothing weird has happened to my laptop…

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This is great, thanks Eric!

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I got the security warning also, but it looks like the site is legit. Here’s a link that explains more about the organization:

Thanks for posting, ericobertz!