Is audible a good source for importing audiobooks? If not any other recommendations? I’m currently learning spanish.


I use audible for my audiobooks…but I don’t import the audible audio (not sure if you can since it’s not an mp3…and I think only playable from the audible app). You could of course “record” it and import it. For the audible audiobooks I simply play the audio in the audible app and read along in LingQ or listen to the audio separately from reading.

If you want to keep track of listening time you can always manually adjust the hours/minutes on LingQ.

I like the audible app for listening as it has finer adjustments for speed control and generally just a nicer app for listening.


I think there are some methods to convert Audible files to mp3 but that seems to be quite complicated. I would just use the Audible app for listening and then add the number of minutes here.


I am a beginner of German. I think reading plus listening to audiobooks is a good way to improve my comprehension. I always use Audible. Recently, I found a converter from DumpMedia that can convert my Audible files to mp3. I can listen to it whenever I want even when I was on my way to school.

Yes! I do believe that Audible is a good audiobook provider to listen to Spanish audiobooks. It is the largest one and you can find many Spanish books you like. Especially the Whispersync for Voice feature which enables you to compare the audiobook and eBook. This really helps me a lot. I usually listen to Audible books when cooking with my LG TV after converting Audible to MP3 (with [OFFICIAL] ViWizard AA/AAX Audiobook Converter for Windows - Fastest AA/AAX Audiobooks to MP3 Converter) and read the eBook before sleep.

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Thanks for the link…

I don’t think it is worth importing audio books at all. It would take a lot of time to do it well and I think that time is better spent actually learning the language. You can just listen to the book on the Audible app if you have bought it from Audible.


Thank you for saying this. Also thanks to the others in this thread who have said similar things. I’ve spent way too long importing audio books to LingQ. Once they’re there, it’s convenient, sure. But probably not convenient enough to justify the time and effort put into importing.