Audiobooks with transcript

Anyone knows where I can find some audiobooks with transcript, I would like to find here at LingQ store. Anyone can recommend some

You can find audiobooks and texts in the LingQ library from Librivox all of which are available directly from LibriVox.

You can search the LingQ library for stuff already there or you can import audiobooks and texts into the LingQ library yourself.

You can browse all the books and read them and listen to them directly from the LibriVox site too.

Go to and check it out.

There’s lots there. I just checked one out myself just now to be sure.

Good luck!!!

@gpnsa11 - There is a shelf in the LingQ Library called Audiobooks. Have you tried there?

Thank you, I am going to check it now.

I would like to know if theres is audiobooks that I can buy and download to mp3 or phone with the text, transcript, subtitle, or does not exist? because I did not find.

I would like to buy Steve book in that way but there is only the e-book.

You can find Steve’s book right here: The Way of The Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey - LingQ Language Library


Thank you Alex, I am reading it, I can listen and read on the computer I can download each part to my mp3 which is not the same if I could buy the audiobook with transcript to listen and read on the go.

We are making some changes to the iLingQ iPhone app that will allow you to download both audio and text all at once to the app. You will still have to create LingQs on the website however. Otherwise, I am not aware of any audiobooks that can be downloaded with text. If that was available, it would be a great tool for language learners!

Thank you Mark, that sounds great! I am really looking forward. Of course it´s my pleasure to create LingQs on the website, but some days people do not have that much time to stay siting with the computer longer, I am one of those. and please with all work with android app, don´t forget the apple lovers.

Audiobook that can be downloaded with text, it´s a pity it´s not available.

…that’s easy!

You can buy the audiobook from and then buy the actual book too, as an ebook if you wish, or as a physical book that you can hold in your hand.

I did exactly that 10 days ago. I bought the audiobook “Am Strand” translated to German from English, an Ian McEwan book, and when I was in Berlin last week I bought the book in a bookstore called Dussmann.

Lo and behold I have the book to read and the audio to listen to simultaneously, if I so wish. You can do the same, only buy the ebook so you have both electronically.

I would only recommend this for beginners and intermediate levels however.

Any advanced user doesn’t need to see the text though, listening is more than enough.

Taking Steve, Alex and Mark as an example, they don’t need to read English while listening at the same time, now do they? They either listen or read, but certainly not both at the same time!!!

If you understand a language well there is simply no need to do both.

When Steve is doing the dishes, driving or jogging; I can promise you one thing he isn’t reading while listening.

It’s rare for advanced learners to do both at once; it’s superfluous at that stage.

One thing to watch out for though is the fact that most (if not all) ebooks, when bought from an online retailer, are encrypted and can only be viewed within something like Adobe Digital Editions and you can’t copy the text making it difficult to import it into LingQ for your own use.

There are programmes out there which allow you to decrypt ebooks that you’ve purchased but many of these might be scam products. There are some tools you can use out there, but they are difficult to find and implement unless you spend a good amount of time researching.

I’m not sure about the encrypting thing but there is a huge number of books in ePub format and Acrobat pdf format. I use Sigil.exe (free) to see the code inside the ePub file if necessary and Acrobat professional (not free) to edit and OCR pdf files. Both these programs are great! Now that Google books and many other libraries worldwide are digitizing many thousands (or is it millions?) of books it is possible to get all kinds pf previously unavailable out of print books.

Maria, it can be very beneficial to read and listen at the same time. This is about learning the language, not so much about what natives do. Natives don’t do the majority of things that learners do. It’s also very beneficial to read in one language and listen in another. This might seem strange to many people but you can really expand knowledge very well this way. There are several well known methods which take advantage of this strange but useful method.

I’ve got Dutch versions of Harry Potter (text and audio) and I’ve read through all 7. It would be interesting to try and go through them again with LingQ, one chapter at a time, to see how I go with them.

I agree with Imyirtseshem.

There’s a LOT of vocabulary in those Harry Potter books!

I saw a Stephen Krashen YouTube video (can’t remember which one) where he said that, once you have read the Goosebumps books and the Harry Potter books, you will have pretty much built up an adult vocabulary.

Not quite but most of the way there. It will be interesting to see how well I do with them when I import them here.

I did buy a software to remove DRM from my e-books in order to read them with LingQ. It works fine for me.

Thank you for your ideas! though I don´t understand everything.

For now I am going to pick up Harry Potter Book!