Audiobook with corresponding transcription

Is there an easy way to buy something like The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe (Der Wunder von Narnia auf Deutsch) with the corresponding audio and transcript? I sometimes see different audio book versions to the kindle version when it’s a translated book.

Amazon and Audible have a lot of e-books with matching audiobooks in German. What you want to do is get the “Unabridged” version of the audiobook. “Abridged” versions are shorter and may not match the original text completely. An “Unabridged” version should match the published text – even with translated titles.

One little monkey wrench here is the “audio play” versions which are sometimes available for certain books. You can tell it’s an audio play because multiple narrators are listed on the info page of the audio title.

So, what you want is an unabridged audiobook with a single narrator and that will match the published text.

I’ve never come across a German language audiobook of this kind that didn’t match the e-book text.

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Try to use Audible Whispersync for Voice to find. The eBook and audiobook are corresponding. Here is some info about it(What is Audible Whispersync for Voice?)

For an older book like that there may be different “updated” audio versions created. I would tend to think these are more to update the audio to either better sound quality or better “acting”. Now, if there are different books themselves, with new translations, then you might find some differences?

Anyway, I usually look in audible first and search there for the target language. Then I track back to a kindle version of the book.