Audiobook - A walk across America by Peter Jenkins

I would like to have the audiobook of the novel called “A walk across America” written by Peter Jenkins. Any suggestion where can I buy it? I have the book and I like it very much. Recently, I started to read it again and I was thinking about to use the audio version of it to support my language learning.

Are you sure it ever got turned into an audio book? have a lot of titles, unfortunately they do not have a listing, see link below.

To read a whole book out loud takes a long time - why not ask for volunteers to read a chapter apiece?

I can help you with a chapter - if you don’t mind an Aussie accent :slight_smile:

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No, I am not sure, but I will check your links. Thank you for your offer, I will think about it. :slight_smile:

just the obvious place which is amazon? they have downloadable books. Isn’t that book from the 70’s ? my friend read it and loved it! I just joined lingQ and I want to start with old man in sea. good luck!

Amazon doesn’t have it. They do have:
Richard Simmons Walk Across America (AUDIOBOOK),
which is definitely NOT the same thing.

So, any other volunteers to do an audio of the Peter Jenkins book?

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Yes, it is from the 70’s, and I really like it. I have the paper book, but I could not find the audio version on Amazon.