Audio x Transcript

There are 2 different words between the audio and the transcript (see below):


  1. … is the world´s LARGEST (Transcript = longest)
    2)… presence in Canada has PROMOTED (Transcript = prompted) some fears

TRANSCRIPT - The Culture of Canada
The Canada-U.S. border is the world’s LONGEST undefended border, and the United States and Canadian governments share a variety of close working partnerships in matters of trade, economics, and legal concerns. As Canada and the United States have grown closer, many Canadians have developed complex feelings and concerns regarding what makes Canada a “distinct” nation within North America. The large American cultural presence in Canada has PROMPTED some fears of a "cultural takeover,

Thank you eliseu. We will correct it.

I have read the text and the written text, the transcript, is correct, the narrator made a mistake. I prefer to leave the correct version of the text.

There are going to be some inconsistencies in the content that we receive, in all languages. We have to decide on a case by case basis what we are going to do. In this case we will leave it. Thanks for pointing it out. Other people will see your comments on this Forum and be helped by it.Thanks.