Audio won't load lately

I’ve been trying to trek through the Iyagi’s at LingQ for Korean and they are slow to load and slow to doanload. Often I have to go to youtube to stream them and follow along in lingq, which is a bummer. I don’t know if it is because the time of day I’m trying to do it or what, but it is certainly not my internet speed (can switch to youtube or netflix easily. For instance, this 9 minute audio shows 37 minutes left in the download. Please Help!

Can you please post link to the course with which you are experiencing this issues? Thanks!

Had weird problems with both of these, but I don’t know if it is lesson specific, as it happens sporadically. FWIW, both of those seem to be working ATM.

Yes, both lessons works fine for me too. Let me know if you experience the same problem again.