Audio with texts`

Does anyone know where I can find some French podcasts with the script along with it, or news with audio and text?

As cgourlay indicated:
InnerFrench (Hugo) has scores of them

Francais Authentique (Johan) – more scores, and if you join his academy next time it opens there are 50 more high quality sets (video,audio,pdf, vocabulary and pronunciation guides) on various French topics.

French Avec Pierre (or is it Francais Avec) with Pierre and Noemi speak all in French and I believe some or all of the podcast is online at their site.

Parlez Vous French (yes, that is the channel title) is pretty good too – not sure about transcripts though.

But note, pretty much anything on YouTube that is all in French will have auto-generated subtitles (at worst) for French and the LingQ extension for Firefox, Chrome etc. will happily import them.

In most cases I prefer the auto-generated subtitles on YouTube because you can turn them on or OFF.

The same is true for NetFlix, though I grab my NetFlix subtitles using the Chrome developer extension and run them through a couple of PowerShell scripts (Python or Perl would work about as well) to clean them up a bit first – and because I was doing that before finding LingQ.

The availability of subtitles means that practically all of the fairly high quality and interesting content from French language “Ted” Talks are available to you.

Of course anything you find interesting probably is also.

Unfortunately (most of) the YouTube French “live news” channels do NOT have subtitles, but then LingQ can import something similar from their web site.