Audio volume

The volume of the uploaded audio is extremely low.

I just downloaded it and increased the volume, I can e-mail it to you if you want, because I don’t think there is a way I can change it in the lesson.

@Muhannad - The best thing to do here is to actually contact the uploader of the lesson, as they should be able to address this.

@RomelleA: if you uploaded the original lesson, you can edit it by clicking on the icon showing a pencil on a sheet (at the top of the lesson page), then tick the case “Remove uploaded audio”, save the lesson, upload the new file and save again.

@mikebond I’m not the uploader I just figured I would do him a favor. Audio correction is my hobby!

I see. You can ask for editing rights, which would allow you to change the audio file of the lesson, or you can mail me the file and I will do it.

Just turn up the volume. No big deal

@blacktulip Obviously i’m sure he tried to turn it up ,but at max volume it’s still very very low.

I turned the volume up just a little and it was very clear. Sorry, just my experience here. Could be different on a different computer

Thank you all for your quick replies. Yes, indeed, I turned up the volume, but that didn’t help!
@RomelleA, yes it would be nice if you could send me the audio of the lessons with the volume raised. Better yet, you could send them to mikebond to edit the lessons themselves, so that everybody will benefit from them.
Thank you all :slight_smile:
Ps. my email: