Audio / track sync

Hey everyone

looking for an answer regarding the following:

Whilst listening to audio, if you click to search word meaning etc and stay reciewing it the audio will continue.

is there a way to revert the audio back to that point specfically ?

or do you just have to click the 5 seconds back button and listen out for it ?


Using sentence view you can listen to one sentence at a time. That’s the best way I’ve found. Otherwise I have to try to remember to stop the audio before clicking a word, and then rewind a little to re-listen to that part again.

hey thanks for the fsst reply,

you have to listen to an AI voice st thst point, the scrusl audio doesnt play?

Depends on the lesson. I don’t know why in some lessons the audio is from the source, and in other lessons it’s AI. I figure “I imported incorrectly, better luck next time.”