Audio Support for Sentences

Regarding saved (LingQ’ed) sentences. It would very useful to be able to attach the actual voice clip (section) from the audio file to a sentence. This would give you the possibility of easily reviewing sentences and repeating after or along with the narrator when reviewing your saved sentences. This could be done by allowing the user to select and save start and stop times on the audio file that would contain the audio for the selected sentence. The computer generated voice that is presently available is of limited use. I think making it convenient to learn sentences with real / accurate narration would be extremely helpful. Could a feature like this be added to a future release.

@Danno - We have had this on our list for a very long time but have not found the time to implement it. we would like to have this kind of functionality eventually but I can’t say when that will be. However, if you want, you can use Audacity to identify and cut out sections of the audio file and then upload these in the Audio tab of the LingQ.

Kind of on the same line of thinking, I thought it would be cool to see added something similar to Users could record whatever they wanted quickly, and not necessarily with a transcript, then share it with other users. It could also potentially be used for non-real time evaluations from tutors.

@mark - Thanks for the suggestion. I will use audacity for now. I hope this will be added sometime in the future.

@djvlbass - being able to record your voice then compare it to the narrators voice by playing them in sequence or (as you suggest) have it evaluated by a tutor would be great. I have an android app that allows you to record your voice and play it followed by a native speakers voice for comparison. This really lets you fine tune your pronunciation and tone.

@Danno - that sounds interesting… what app is that?

@mfr - Its called “50 Languages”

@Danno - thanks! I’ll try it asap.