Audio Stops Working

Is anyone else having problem with the audio in their lessons? I’ve attempted to use them in my stories for the past two days, and in both cases, the audio that is part of the lesson works, and the Google reading part and the pronunciation option in the dictionary sections both start out working, but then they just stop functioning. It is very irritating, because the audio included in the lessons is very fast, and it is not easy to rewind these over and over again in order to focus on the pronunciation. The Google reading and dictionary pronunciations are great, but they both stop working in every lesson after a few minutes.

Sorry to hear that. Which browser are you using? When that start happening in your case?

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I’ve been a member for two days, and it has happened both days. I am using Google Chrome.

Hmm, strange, I am unable to reproduce that on my end. Although I did had similar complaints in past coming from some users.
Would you be able to try another browser and let me know if you have the same problem? That way we will know if it’s browser related and investigate it further.

I did not have the issue today, but I will try to remember to use Firefox tomorrow rather than Google Chrome. Thanks for the support.

I am having the same problem in Google Chrome. If I use Microsoft Edge the sound is delayed but it plays. The sound is fine on the ipad. Please look into this because the sound has been coming and going for at least two weeks.

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@sassysocks @BMD77 Thanks for reporting this. I’ll pass this to our team and we will try to figure out what’s going on.

Hi, i have been having the same problem with the app. Audio used to work fine, but now when i use the audio player to play audio that i have imported, the audio just stops after a couple of minutes. If i close it and try a different audio lesson, the same thing happens. I am using a Galaxy S9

@ajm660 Are you also referring to TTS, not lesson audio?

Well, I hadn’t had the problem over the course of the past two days, but it just did it again. It stopped working mid sentence, mid word in fact, and it will no longer function. I’m going to try it for a while in Firefox. If I can get logged in.

@zoran - hi, no i’m talking about the audio lessons that i have imported, they did work fine on my mobile but now only seem to play for a minute or so, and then stop, thanks

Yesterday I noticed that the TTS works fine in Spanish, but not in Simplified or Traditional Chinese courses when using Google Chrome.

My sound is back, Thanks