Audio stops when I lock my Iphone

Hi there, when I have my lesson’s audio playing and then I proceed to lock my iphone, the audio stops. When I proceed to unlock my iphone, the audio continues.

Ideally, just like always, the audio should still continue even when the iphone is locked, otherwise we will not be able to listen to it outside.

Many Thanks

I’m not able to duplicate this. Could you let us know the exact version of the app, device, and OS you’re using? As well as if you’re using headphones, bluetooth or the built in speakers.

This problem stopped the next day. It was probably a problem with the last iPhone update i guess…

Thanks for getting back to me too

I have had this happen to me in the past as well. Next time it happens I will try to look at it as well and see exactly why its doing it. I believe it only does it on certain lessons.


Like you said it could have just been a iOS problem with the last update but yeah I haven’t had this problem in a while either so maybe its already fixed. :smiley:

Happens to me sometimes. I just kill the app and restart and it works fine again. This has worked every time.

Yes maybe. I’m having the same problem again this morning anyhow.