Audio Recordings Do Not Play On Google Chrome and Android App

Good evening

I’ve been a LINQ premium user for 2 months, mainly for the chinese content.

First month, i had no problems with the app and used it exclusively. I loved the long form content available with the course “chat radio transcripts - Mandarin”

My second month, i found that i used it from around 2 hours per day to 2 hours per week. Almost all of the recordings in the lessons in the "“chat radio transcripts - Mandarin” " are not working properly in the LINGQ Android App.

Some of the lessons load for a little (I can see the little circle moving on the bottom left of the screen) If I press play while it is still not yet finished, i will only be able to listen to a portion of the recording and the rest of the recording will not load.

I can’t wait for it to load because it never becomes full.

Other recordings don’t even show the little circle loading and it’s just empty

I tried putting it in my playlist. Sometimes I click lessons in my playlist and it tells me that the audio cannot load, sometimes when that happens, i can still enter the lesson and play maybe 5-10 seconds of the recording so i’m sure there is an audio.

I tried deleting my cache in the app. No change

Today, I just tried the website on my laptop. I figured. What the hell, the content is so good, i can at least download it even if i wont be able to use the application.

I try to download the file here ( Login - LingQ ) and it’s stuck at 1.1 mb for an hour or so. It’s not my internet because I can usually download at 1 mbps. Playing the audio file from the browser also stops at around 1 minute

Even this lesson, which worked on my phone perfectly because i was able to download it during the first week of my subscription

It gets stuck downloading and even playing the audio will get stuck after like 3 minutes

I will probably cancel my premium subscription next month if i do not get a satisfying solution. What a shame that the concept of Lingq is so good but the bugs seem to be a dealbreaker for me

I tried on both Android app and Google Chrome browser and weren’t able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. I checked both links you added above and audio loads and play completely for me on both. I was also able to download audio files without any problem.
Do you have that issue with the “Chat Radio Transcripts” course only?