Audio problems


I can not hear my chapters. Is it the problem of my computer or connection?

Have you tried to listen to audio online or have you tried to download an audio file?

I tried to listen several chapters online.

Try to download audio. If you open a lesson you’ll see some widgets on the right site next to the title. Put the mouse pointer on it and choose Download Audio. The same you can do by clicking on the green arrow which is close to printer widget.

Then you can listen to it on your computer offline or put it in your iPod or MP3-Player.

You need to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer
И будет тебе счастье! :slight_smile:

Perhaps, or another one depending on the operation system Sirob11 uses.
But personally I listen to the podcasts online very rarely- I don’t have so much time, if you download you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.

Thank you both!
Annabell you are good! I uninstalled this morning unintended my Adobe Flash Player…