Audio problem with Android app


I am using android app LingQ and some of those audio don’t get played.

I have noticed that especially the contents I have imported have a problem to play audio. I wait, and wait, until the audio is ready, but it doesn’t finish its calculating.

But the thing is some of them I imported work fine, so I have no idea. And as far as I know, the contents I have not imported have no problem with audio.

Is there anything I can try to solve this problem?

@monyou - Do all of your imported lessons have audio? The majority of imported lessons are text only and will not play any audio.

Not all of them have audio. Do you mean If imported lessons have audio, it’s supposed to be played?

All lessons with audio should play properly. Is it only certain lessons that aren’t working or does it seem random? Maybe you can email LingQ Support with the Share URL found at the bottom of the lesson, then we can test it as well and see if anything strange is going on.

Well… partly It seems not working with certain lessons I imported. I brought those mp3 files from CD in a book. But I have no idea if that would matter.

The other few imported lessons also don’t play its audio, and they seem pretty random for me. It seems that some mp3 files don’t fit with it.

Lessons originally from library have no problem playing audio.

I think I should email, thanks!

Could you let me know the email address of LingQ support ? Can’t find anywhere… :S

The email for support is support (at) lingq (dot) com. You’ll find this email on the right-hand side in the Help section.

We’ve now updated the app, which includes fixes for this issue. Sorry for the delay!

You can download the new app here:

Thank you Alex! I’ll try it later. By the way, you should have a look on the help. It still says that there is no Android app (on the lesson’s page help).

Ah, thanks! We’ll change that ASAP :slight_smile:

Alex, I removed my previous lingQ app, and downloaded again in my phone. But… it still doesn’t get ready to play audio. It seems It’s not fixed yet. Still have the same problem. :confused:

Ah, I’m sorry about that. It seems there’s another issue related to audio file names. We’re looking into this issue more now. Again, thank you for being so patient!