Audio problem when clicking on words

Often when I click on a word to hear to audio the audio won’t play at all, or it will be very delayed, like it will play 5 to 30 seconds after pressed.

The TTS function is an automated service, and it may take a few seconds to playback, in some cases.

Ensure you have a strong internet connection, which should make it work smoothly.

I do have a strong internet connection. I even did a speed test, and my connection is not the problem. Sidenote, a weird thing is that the bug seems to happen on the web version.

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What is your study language? When did you start experiencing the issue?

I have this same issue with the TTS automated service. Sometimes it never returns with audio, at other times it returns with a different voice, and other times it can take 20+ seconds. And still other times, there is no delay. My study language is Korean, and when the issue is occurring within Lingq, I am able to copy and paste the problem phrase and get instant playback from Papago just fine. @tiago-ribeiro @zoran @coreylindseth

Thanks for reporting @julsoft, we will investigate the issue.

It is for me a fairly common occurence. I click then multiple times, dozen of times sometimes, before the word finally get back. Also trying to go ‘somewhere else’, like opening other pages seem to make the multiple click getting results faster - like I get the sound after insisting with 30 clicks instead of 50… or 100, I have done that(!).
It is especially annoying when you are in the middle of review a series of words as the only other options are to give up (reloading the entire web page usually gets the sounds back working properly). I also wonder if it happens more often when I do a long session (I guess statistically it will, but also maybe just because much activity in a row is problematic).
Also, I feel it is more often the web than the app on the phone, but it may be only an impression. And in both cases, my internet is fine. Typically it is the exact same place/network I use when all goes well and then it stops working fine. Proof by the fact that a real full page reload usually goes back to working fine for some time.
I currently study German, if language makes any difference.

I’m having the same problem while studying French. It really slows the process of learning on Lingq.