Audio playlists on website

Hi, is it possible to setup a playlist on the desktop version of the website that will auto play through all audio of all lessons in the playlist? It seems that I have to press play for each lesson in the playlist individually in order to hear it. Whereas the Android app auto plays the audio of each lesson in my Android playlist.

There isn’t currently an automated way to do this on the site. Instead, what I might recommend is just downloading the lesson audio files and creating a playlist in iTunes (or whichever media playback software you use) to accomplish this. The listening times will not be recorded automatically, but it will allow you to seamlessly listen to selected lessons without having to manually start them again.

We don’t currently have plans to add this to the site itself, since it is a fairly significant undertaking and is much easier through the app, but perhaps some day we will be able to offer this feature on the site as well!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that.

Is there any way that you know of to create an iTunes playlist directly to a URL to the lesson audio item? Such that say the audio item were to be updated in the future, my iTunes playlist could see that it was updated, and automagically retrieve the most up to date audio, versus continuing to serve whatever was cached locally?

I don’t know that this is possible, but an additional and somewhat related tip is that you can subscribe to an RSS list of your My Lessons page. Just go to the My Lessons page then click on “Subscribe RSS” at the top left. You can then add this to iTunes using the “Subscribe to Podcast…” feature. This will automatically download audio files for any new lessons that you open.