Audio playing and playlists are all over the place

I’m being overly dramatic but… just a few problems I encountered last few weeks.

  • When I go to playlist (firefox) when I press on the lesson or on the Play button on the bottom it just “loads” the picture and the time is 00:00 and noting plays. But not for all the items and not every time.

  • Sometimes when you start playing the audio within the lesson audio plays but time is not shown correctly. Time stays at 00:00 but the audio marker moves forward.

These next ones are for Android App:

  • When you add an item to the playlist you really roll a lottery if the item “loads” correctly. The item goes from a Black Circle of death to blue one. That might be connected with bad internet at the time you want to play but it’s supper finicky to then (after it fails) to get it to play.

  • I managed to work around with going into the lesson and playing it there and then adding it and then try to play it. That seems to work the best but I mean…

  • If you try to click on the “dead” playlist item it starts playing audio of the previous “non-dead” item on a playlist even though it shows clicked episode as playing. I know it doesn’t make any sense to me too.

  • When an episode/item on the playlist plays till the end screen always jumps to the top of the list even though the next item is being played.

At this time it would be way better if we could use external players to play Lingq lessons in our but I digress.

I hope I’m not being a dick about these problems because I really like the Lingq paradigm and I want it to get better UX.

Thanks for your report and feedback. We’ll look into it.