Audio playback is sometimes laggy

No auto playback and no amount of pressing tab or the play button helps. The only option is to wait for about a minute. Is it just me? Is it a known issue?

That’s shouldn’t happen. Do you have the same problem in any lesson you open?

Yes, though it’s highly variable. It used to occur often, then for a couple of months I didn’t experience it, then just the other day it occurred again.

That’s my experience as well. A couple of weeks ago it was really bad (waiting up to a minute each time for audio to begin) but since then it has been mostly okay. Today, for example, the most I’ve had to wait for the audio to start is maybe 10-15 seconds.

For me this doesn’t happen in individual lessons. It only happens on the Playlist tab and when I am viewing a course and select “Play Course Audio”.

Desktop version
Browsers: Firefox and Chrome