Audio playback delay in sentence mode

Hi. I’ve noticed recently there is quite a long delay between clicking the speaker icon in sentence mode of a lesson and hearing the audio.

Can something be done to shorten this delay time?

Obviously the delay is not huge, but if you are going through the text sentence by sentence to practice shadowing or just for close listening it can make the whole experience quite lengthy.


Thanks for reporting. We will look into it and see what we can do.

This delay seems to be getting longer. When I click the speaker icon in sentence mode it can be 10 seconds to hear the audio. This means if I am “shadowing” it can take forever to get through my 10 minute video. I am listening to Youtube videos so LingQ is pulling the audio from this source.

PS. I am accessing the Web version of LingQ through Chrome on an Apple. Don’t know if that’s relevant!

PPS: If you are able to slap on the tortoise button to play back Youtube audio at half speed that would be a great addition!

We will hopefully have an improvement there soon. We are looking into it.

Same issue. Sometimes playback is instant, sometimes its 20 seconds later, sometimes never. Hard to stay in a rhythm when the audio for a word you read 20 seconds ago plays when you are trying to read the next word

Thanks. I really noticed a long delay using audio playback in sentence mode on a 16 minute Youtube video I have been watching, but it seems to be less on a 6 minute Youtube video I was watching today.

The playback delay seems a lot better today. Have you been working on the issue?

I was just listening to a 12 minute youtube video in sentence mode. The delay after pressing the Play button was only 3 seconds! That’s much better! Much less dead time waiting which saves a lot of time when listening to 100 sentences in a 12 min video!

Thanks for your help. :blush:


Also, “Show Translation” often seems to write some text, then erase it all. If I refresh the page, “Show Translation” will usually work , but good luck on the next page.

WIndows 10 / Brave browser

Perfect, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: