Audio on iLingq

Because I do a lot of my studying on my iPad, I can’t listen to audio while I’m reading. So what I normally do is open iLingQ on my iPhone and use that to listen while I read on the iPad.

But I find sometimes that the audio is completely messed up. It’ll play normally for a minute or two but then get completely scrambled. I don’t know if is a problem with the original audio, or if the problem is related to playback on iLingq.

I have tried to play audio from my iPhone’s browser, but it’s an older iPhone and this is often too much for it.

For example, I just had this problem with the Japanese LingQ podcast #42. The audio started ok but quickly went haywire and became useless.

I should add that I can play audio in the background of my iPad by pressing the download button, but I’m not able to pause it, which is why I prefer to listen iLingQ.

I played the audio that way now for podcast #42 and the audio was normal, so maybe it’s an iLingQ problem?

Hi Bortrun,

I’ve not come across this problem before. Do you find this happening consistently or it is just once in a while? We’ll keep an eye out for the problem.

It’s certainly not every lesson, but it does happen sometimes. The lessons with scrambled audio are consistently scrambled. A few of the japanese LingQ podcast have had this problem.

Interesting. Is this happening just on iLingQ or do you notice a similar problem when listening via the computer or through Safari?

Just on iLingQ it seems. #42 played fine on safari. I don’t recall having this problem on my laptop, but I can’t say for certain.