Audio not working

Hi ; my name is Ahmed and I study languages at lingq and it came across me a problem while I was listening to one of the amazing lessons in French.
the audio is not working and I wish you help me figure out where the problem is.
Here is the link of the lesson page: Login - LingQ
thank you

@ahmedelzayat - It looks like the audio file for that lesson is not working. The provider is using an external url for the audio and that url is no longer functioning. You can try posting on the providers wall to ask if they can fix the audio link.

ok, thank you

@Iri - Would you be able to link us to the lesson in question?

@Iri - I tried this lesson in a couple of different browsers and it seems to be working properly. Are you having trouble with all lessons or just specific ones? Also, which browser are you using and do you get the same issue in other browsers as well?

@Iri - Is the French lesson you mentioned above still giving problems? It would be helpful to know which browser you are using and whether you experience the same issue in other browsers as well.