Audio not working

Hey, not sure if anyone can help with this but I’m finding a lot of the audio on the highlighted words aren’t working when I click on the button.

There isn’t anything wrong with my sound as the youtube videos and audio on the lessons work.

Could you let us know which browser you’re using? Text-to-speech seems to work best on Firefox and Safari. There is a Chrome bug that causes the first bit of the audio to skip sometimes, but simply clicking the audio icon again will usually cause it to play correctly.

On a topic related to that, I’m experiencing the same problems while using Chrome. I tried clicking the audio icon again but that won’t work either.

@winicios - Which version of Chrome and which OS are you using? It seems to be working properly in the most recent version of Chrome, so be sure you’ve updated and let us know if you still have the problem.

im using safari

I did some testing with Safari and didn’t seem to have any issues with the sound not playing. Sometimes the sound was a bit delayed, but other than that it worked fine for all languages that I tested, including Japanese. Which version of Safari are you using, and which OS do you have?

Mine isn’t working either and its the sdame situation as foxygal44, the audio on the rest of the computer is workng but for some reason the audio here won’t work its been going on for soem times now . I’m using Internet explorer.any sugesstions?

@learnername - Do you still have these problems if using another browser like Chrome or Firefox? If you can test that, it will at least tell us whether it seems to be a browser problem or a computer problem.