Audio not coming when importing from Youtube


When I import a video from YouTube the audio is not coming along anymore. There’s a mini screen where the video plays, but I don’t have the option to play only the audio, as I used to. This way I can’t listen to the lesson from the playlist either.

Could you take a look at that, please? Or is it happening just with me?

The days of importing a YT video and listening to it right away are over for me. It usually takes hours now for the audio to be available. But so far, it has eventually shown up.

I import things a day in advance now so that I know I will have something to work on the next day.


@Henrique_Hermida In some cases audio can take more time to load. Can you check your imported lessons now and let me know if audio is there?


Yes, the audio is available now! Thank you for the quick reply!

I see. That’s a useful tip.