Audio Not Available on Sentence View version 5.3

Hi Lingq Team, I am having a major issue with the new audio player released for iOS version 5.3 of Lingq. Before, I could play audio while in sentence view, and there was a ‘review sentence’ option. This made it very convenient to listen to a sentence, then review it, then move onto the next one. Now, I can listen to the sentence, but there is no option for review. Or, I can do sentence review, but there is no audio option (it used to appear in the bottom left corner). I don’t know if this is a bug, or a request for enhancement, but it has seriously derailed how I typically study.

Thanks for reporting. We are investigating the issue.

The “Review Sentence” button has now moved to the bottom right corner. That’s why the icon is different from paged mode.

You can play the full audio from sentence mode by tapping and holding the sentence audio button, or by opening the full player and tapping the sentence button there.

Hi Arsenius,

Thank you for your reply. I noticed the behavior you are describing (tapping and holding the sentence audio button, or opening the full player and tapping sentence button) works with Lingq created content (such as the Mini Stories). However, it does not work with any other imported content. It’s not working with this huge compilation of folk stories that have native audio that I read on a daily basis. Likewise, it’s not working with any of the imported podcast material. Prior to 5.3, I could listen to audio while in sentence mode as well as review sentences for all of the imported content.