Audio more than 35 minutes


I want to import the Timaeus from Plato. The audio version I have is the one from LibriVox. As it’s the first time, I try to import a lesson, I just remark, as I just got an error message, than audio file length more than 35 minutes are not accepted.

Is there a work around ? I am not sure I can edit the audio file since is still a LibriVox recording.

Is there a particular reason why we are limited to audio file of less than 35 minutes ?

Thank you

We find that after a certain length the text just gets to be unmanageable and LingQing becomes overly tedious when there are potentially thousands of new words.

All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain, so you can do basically whatever you want with the file. I recommend splitting it up into two or more parts using Audacity (

Splitting it into multiple parts will greatly help the members who use this content to study, as they won’t have to tackle such long chunks of text in one go.

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate.

I didn’t think about beginners as the content of this book is clearly for advance student but your explanation makes perfect sense. I will then cut the audio in smaller pieces now than I know I legally can.