Audio list

Are there any way to do more that one audio list?

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No, there is only one playlist and you can’t create more at the moment.

Thank you zoran,

I thing it would be great, i hope they can do it in the future


Users are asking for this again and again…

I might add to what Zoran wrote:

You can

  1. download the lession mp3s you’d like to listen to and play them outside the lingQ system (pro: free choice of multiple sets || con: manually downloading the mp3s is a nuisance, listening activity won’t be counted in your stats)
  2. listen to “course audio” from within any course in the app (pro: simple access || con: less freedom, you can only choose the complete course, not a specified set of lessons).

I would like to see multiple playlists again, too. They were once implemented in LingQ, but then they were abolished in favour of the system you are using now where any content you are working on is automatically added to the one central playlist which is continually synchronized across the devices you are using. This can help reduce time needed to administer your content so that more time is left for acutal studying. The old playlists were something you had to take care of manually.

Thank you Diotallevi

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